REO Homes: Bill Kratz

By Jim Bennett, Stonehedge Funding, LLC

Have you purchased a REO Home lately? If you are a single family home investor in the five county Philadelphia area, you should check into it. The rules and players have changed but opportunities still abound. This website has links to the HUD area manager’s site which includes all HUD listings for the Pennsylvania area. The bid process is simple, fair and efficient. Most deals close in 30 to 45 days. You can now take advantage of a special program: a combined package of discount commissions offered by Walt Taggart and investor financing offered by Stonehedge Funding, LLC.

Not just an agent, but a licensed Real Estate Broker & also the Owner of REVO Realty Group, LLC. Bill created this full service Real Estate Company with the best interests of the consumer at heart. The Real Estate industry has changed tremendously with the introduction of technologies such as the internet, smart phones, tablets, digitial photography, & electronic signatures to name a few. The one thing that has not changed however, is the way “One Trick” pony real estate companies transact b   …   usiness & the outrageous fees they charge for services. His mission is to “REVOlutionize” the way buyers & sellers transact business with a Real Estate Professional & it’s more than a business for Bill; it’s a true passion! He loves to educate his clients on their buying & selling options, help them save money, & also be able to give back to the local communities in which he serves. Bill brings a wealth of local market knowledge, transaction experience, & negotiating/marketing expertise to the table for each transaction to ensure his client’s get the BEST DEAL possible.

Here’s how it works:


  1. Get Prequalified with Stonehedge Funding, LLC by completing and sending in the application forms
  2. Contact Bill Kratz  to discuss the opportunity to work with him as an REO Specialist and to help with the bid submission process
  3. After identifying potential properties, do drive-by inspections to narrow your list to the one or two properties you would like to bid on
  4. Bill Kratz will show you the property and assist you in submitting your bid with a Stonehedge Funding, LLC pre-approval letter
  5. If your bid is accepted, closing will take place in about 20 to 45 days or less depending on title.